A Guide to Craft Cider

If you’ve been looking for the perfect drink, you may have stumbled upon the craft cider movement. The British have defined craft cider as containing at least three-fifths of juice. However, there are many more varieties than that. Here are some tips to make your selection as diverse as possible. Read on to discover more about craft cider and the many different types available. We also offer a review of Angry Orchard cider and the Millstone IPA.


The crisp apple flavor of Angry Orchard Hard Cider is an adventure in a can! The combination of tropical fruit flavors and bright, fresh apple is the perfect blend to create the perfect beach vacation vibe! Not only is this beverage delicious, but it is also gluten-free. A great way to enjoy a summer vacation without breaking the bank, this refreshing drink is also a perfect summertime treat! You can find it online and in select stores.

Angry Orchard

If you’re looking for a refreshing beverage that comes straight from the trees, try Angry Orchard craft cider. This company offers a variety of flavors, including ciders with varying levels of sweetness. The crisp, apple cider is also naturally gluten-free. Unlike most other ciders, Angry Orchard uses only fresh apples grown in New York State. In fact, Angry Orchard is the only craft cider maker in New York to use exclusively American apples for its products.

Angry Nectar

Angry Nectar craft cider is made from Oregon fruit puree. If you’re interested in trying the fruit-infused cider, check out the farm’s website and online store. If you’d prefer to go the extra mile and visit the farm, try camping on the orchard. This cider farm has changed their business model after a difficult year of farming. If you love sour cider, you’ll want to check out their farm-to-table method.


If you’re looking for a great craft cider, you might be interested in visiting Millstone Craft Cider. Their cider is made from apples smoked over a Camp Chef style smoker. After the apples are smoked, they’re pressed and aged in barrels. The cider is sold in clear flip-top bottles that release a noticeable pop and an intense scent when the seal is broken. While MillStone is not known for its affordable prices, it’s worth a visit.

Angry Perry

One of the many delicious craft ciders out there is Angry Perry. This New York-based company has a wide range of offerings that is made with locally grown fruit. This cider is made from domestic culinary pears and apples. While technically not a perry, it is a delightful beverage for a relaxing afternoon. Its unique taste reflects the season and evokes nostalgic flavors. It is gluten free and has a subtle pear flavor.

Understood in Motion

The Understood in Motion 03. style is made from multiple harvests of apples from 2014 and matured in oak. The apple varieties used for this sour cider were all grown in New York state. The resulting drink is dry, tannic, and perfect with hearty meals. Its name is inspired by the 18th century bittersweet apple that is now being grown throughout the United States. And while it is not a true dry cider, it certainly is delicious.