How to Keep Your Cider Kegs Fresh

There are a few reasons why you may want to consider purchasing a cider keg. These containers are eco-friendly and can be recycled when their lifespan has come to an end. For instance, stainless steel has a high residual value. A stainless steel keg also helps preserve the flavour of the cider by preventing it from altering. These benefits make kegs a popular choice for preserving cider. However, the cost of purchasing a keg might prevent you from getting a good deal on them.

Craft cider kegs

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your cider kegs taste fresh and are free of contaminants. First, you should take apart any poppets, tubs, or taps you plan to use. Next, you should soak all of your equipment thoroughly. Next, you should inspect your seals and purge any air that might be present. Oxidation will result in your cider tasting cardboard.

If you’re unsure how to carbonate your cider, you can try using a CO2 regulator. This way, you can reduce the level of carbonation without having to worry about the contents settling or going flat. While this process requires more equipment, the benefits of kegging are significant. Kegging allows you to control your sugar and carbonation, reducing your risk of contamination and overcarbonation. In addition, kegging saves you a tremendous amount of time.

Petainer kegs

As a leader in the one-way plastic keg market, Petainer has increased its distribution network in the United States and introduced a new non-pressure release fitting for its kegs. This new fitting replicates the standard keg fittings and is easier to use, allowing kegs to be repeatedly tapped. Additionally, this fitting allows for easier cleaning of keg lines.

Petainer kegs are an easy, low-cost way to enter the cider-on-draft market. As a sustainable alternative to conventional metal kegs, these kegs are more durable, cheaper, and easier to recycle. These innovative, low-cost kegs eliminate the need for steel floats and other materials, and offer substantial advantages to both consumers and end-users.

Strongbow Original Dry

Strongbow is bringing back their Original Dry cider this summer! This crisp and slightly less sweet cider is available in can formats, as well as 50-liter steel kegs for on-premise draught programs. Consumers have long clamoured for the brand to bring back the original British dry cider recipe, so they listened and reintroduced the drink to the market. The cider is now gluten-free and available in all formats, including kegs.

Made from Herefordshire apples, Strongbow is a popular drink in Britain. This brand is the number one seller in British pubs and is produced by Bulmers. Strongbow Original Dry cider kegs are available online or in select stores. You can purchase the product from an authorized distributor and save money! A keg of Strongbow Original Dry cider can be delivered to you quickly and conveniently! Just pop open a keg and enjoy the refreshing taste of this popular cider!

Nightingale Hopped Cider

The Nightingale Cider Company is located in Tenterden, Kent. This English cider uses Earnest hops, a local variety that adds fruitiness to the drink. Despite its low ABV, it has a complex flavour that goes down easily. It has taken traditional Kentish ciders to new heights. Hoppy Cox is a particularly delicious example of this type of cider.

This is Nightingale’s entry-level expression and is a blend of four grapes. It has the lowest alcohol content of the three. Its floral and delicate taste makes it a great choice for those who like a lighter taste. The 30-liter Nightingale Hopped Cider Keg is a great way to try this delicious beverage. You can also order several for your friends and family and share the experience with a loved one.